Perfect for capturing selfies and spontaneous moments!

The first camera app on the market with touchless video recording. Trigger amazing photos from a distance with a simple hand gesture.



Control your device from a distance using only hand gestures.

Adjust the volume, scrub videos and pause music to control content and take your user experience into the future.


Share your media gallery in a beautiful and seamless way with all your friends on multiple devices simultaneously.

Grab & share anything, to anyone.


Crunchfish is passionate about touchless interaction. We take the user experience with apps and mobile devices to the next level by making a touchless interface available everywhere.

We are an open family of playful explorers with the mission of synchronizing electronics for us humans, instead of the other way around.

Our Touchless A3D® software requires no hardware changes. It relies only on the video stream from the embedded camera. This enables a new interaction paradigm on all mobile devices.



Touchless A3D® software platform detects and tracks objects in three dimensions relying only on the video stream from the embedded camera in a mobile device.

Key advantages are smooth and natural interaction, patent pending object tracking that can understand depth with a single camera eye and that functions even in dim light conditions.

The platform runs on all major mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows.



Our technology needs no hardware changes. It works with any mobile device with a camera.

Touchless interaction opens up new possibilities:

  • Interact freely in three dimensions
  • Exploit your natural body language
  • Responds to your presence rather than to your touch
  • Make interaction more accessible
  • Enlarge the interaction surface
  • Avoid touchscreen contamination
  • Control multiple devices simultaneously


Crunchfish mission is to simplify interaction with mobile devices by providing a more intuitive touchless interface. The company was founded in 2010 with an initial focus on creating innovative applications for the iOS and Android app markets. Gesture recognition was one of the best innovations and Crunchfish is today completely dedicated to exploring touchless interaction based on gestures.

Crunchfish is awarded as 2013 Red Herring 100 Europe Winner and recognized as a cutting edge technology company. The business is global with mobile device manufacturers and app developers as customers, especially in the segment of mobile gaming. We are an investor backed private company based in the south of Sweden and located in the dynamic Media Evolution City in Malmö.


Crunchfish is hiring!

We have busy days at Crunchfish and continue to expand our great team with talented and experienced developers.

Our mission is to simplify interaction with mobile devices by providing a more intuitive touchless user interface. We are passionate about touchless interaction and we take the user experience of apps and mobile devices to the next level by making touchless interfaces available everywhere.

iOS Developer

If you are a driven individual with solid experience in writing code and developing applications and software solutions for iOS, then we would love to work with you!
You will get to work on state of the art technology, enabling touchless interaction on mobile devices, together with our talented product development team.


Thank you for your interest.

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