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Envision mobile interaction that is spontaneous, social and that truly boosts your user experience

Redefining Mobile Interaction


Crunchfish is a leading provider of software and services
for mobile social interaction


Our patented Touchless A3D® and aBubbl™ technology enable device manufacturers and mobile application developers to offer innovative solutions to their consumers.

Our mission is to enhance user interaction in all mobile devices and applications.


Intuitive interaction and great user experience

Extended reach

Our Touchless A3D® technology and expertise in UX design enable touchless interaction in any mobile device through gesture recognition, allowing you to interact freely in three dimensions.

  • Capture photos and videos from a distance. Mark and sort your favorites with a gesture.
  • Browse, swipe and zoom through your photos in full screen.
  • Handle your calls while keeping your hands free.

Simplified social sharing

Our aBubbl™ technology provides dynamic interaction, allowing close range, instant share of content to multiple people simultaneously.

  • Broadcast photos to everyone nearby with our share extension.
  • Share privately to the device closest to you by using the proximity feature.
  • Enjoy a seamless sharing experience between devices from any third party application.

Our technology in action

With fantastic reviews, millions of photos taken and listed as Best New App in many countries, GoCam feat. aBubbl is the perfect app for capturing and sharing photos. If you are looking for the easiest way to share photos across networks try our latest app aBubbl™ – the world’s first application enabling local sharing between multiple devices.

GoCam feat. aBubbl




Do you want to take your user experience to the next level?

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Crunchfish is delighted to announce the release of MOMAX cam, the first ever touchless camera app designed for selfie sticks, developed in cooperation with MOMAX.
With features never before available in a camera application, MOMAX cam is designed to provide users with the best tools for easy photo capturing in every situation using gestures, touch and Bluetooth.

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