Redefining Mobile Interaction

Crunchfish is a leading provider of software and services
for mobile interaction

We develop touchless interaction by gestures and proximity software for mobiles, two independent software technologies that redefine the way we interact with mobile devices. Our patented technologies enable device manufacturers and application developers to enhance user experience and offer unique interaction solutions for their users.

Our Products


Touchless A3D®

Touchless interaction by gestures


Touchless Technology

Touchless A3D® software empowers users to interact with their mobile devices through gesture recognition. Our software can be implemented in any app or mobile device allowing you to interact freely from a distance.

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aBubbl® Proximity

Proximity software technology



aBubbl® Proximity enables users to discover, connect and share content with people and devices nearby using low energy Bluetooth. Ideal for applications aimed at creating dynamic interaction between people here and now.

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With millions of photos taken and listed as Best New App in several countries, GoCam by Crunchfish is the perfect app for capturing and browsing photos from a distance. For the easiest way to share photos across networks try aBubbl® – the world’s first application enabling local sharing between multiple devices. MOMAX cam is designed to provide users with the best tools for easy photo capturing using gestures, touch and Bluetooth.

GoCam by Crunchfish










Award Winner

“a user-friendly, highly convenient mode of interaction with mobile devices”

– 2014 Europe Frost & Sullivan, New Product Innovation Leadership Award

“passionately work to provide a technology that change the interaction world” 

– 2013 Red Herring 100 Europe Winner